Awesome Tanks 2 Game

Awesome Tanks 2 Information


Awesome Tanks 2 is a shooting based tank battle game. In this game you are driving a super tank racing into the field of enemies. Can you kill all the enemies and upgrade your powerful weapons? Join in the tank battle now!

You’ll need to move and discover the place. The problem is, enemy tanks are lurking around every corner, so you better be on your guard. You need to kill them all to move on to the next level. You can destroy the boxes you can see around to get more coins. Sometimes, there are little surprises hidden inside these boxes, like bombs! If you don’t want to turn into a roasted chicken, get out of there fast. After each fight, you can use the coins to buy upgrades and new weapons. Have fun playing!

Controls :

WASD or Arrow keys: Move. Mouse to Aim and Shoot. Space to Switch weapons