Kopanito All-Stars Soccer Game

Kopanito All-Stars Soccer Information


Kopanito All-Stars Soccer is a free online soccer game on Vinh.games. Pick your team and get ready to play matches against other teams. Score goals like Messi and defend like Pique and Boateng.

Kopanito’s match engine is well-balanced. Use slide tackle to intercept passes or knock-down opponents (or even score a goal!). Pass the ball straight to your teammates (ground or air) or pass the ball between opponents. Score goals using chip shots or by swerving the ball using slow-motion shots. Don’t forget, it is a fast-paced game – it might be funny and cartoonish, but it’s not that easy. Try it yourself!

Controls :

Arrow keys – Move. A – Lob. S – Pass/Switch. D – Shoot/Slide