Polly Party Pickup Game

Polly Party Pickup Information


Polly Party Pick-up is a new game with Polly on our site. Polly is celebrating her birthday and wants to have a party-specific to her. She wants to keep her birthday with her friends in a shopping mall. But to get to the mall, you have to take all your friends from home in their cars. So, let’s a party. Have fun playing this Polly Pocket game.
This Flash game is loaded using the Ruffle emulator.

Controls :

The aim of this game is to pick up your four friends, Lila, Shani, Todd, and Lea. You need to be very careful, as there are some roadblocks ahead. At street corners or cross-roads throughout the city, you might encounter various obstacles. Make sure you avoid mud or oil spills! They will slow you down and make you lose precious points!