Polly Pocket: Roller Coaster Hotel Hunt Game

Polly Pocket: Roller Coaster Hotel Hunt Information


Polly needs your help to find all the lost tickets in the Roller Coaster Hotel Hunt game! Our favorite character has invited all of her close friends to an outing at the amusement park. The six friends are staying at a charming hotel next to the thrilling park. Unfortunately, Polly’s mischievous little puppy has stolen the tickets and hidden them all around the hotel.

Can you find all of the tickets before the roller coaster closes down for the day? You need to run through all of the rooms quickly! Make sure you leave no stone unturned!
This Flash game is loaded using the Ruffle emulator.

Controls :

The goal of the game is to run around the whole hotel and find your friend’s rollercoaster tickets. Click on all potential hiding places to check them. Remember that some of these might turn out to be quite surprising! Once you have found a ticket, you need to follow the paw prints to the next room.