Game Information

Description: is an online multiplayer action First-Person Shooter game. Every match is an intense unique experience with the ability cards that you can get in the game.You can start playing the game with either Lilium or Shin and pick from four base weapons.
Play game online – Improve your observation ability, sharp reflex skills to top the leaderboard. Unlock cards, use them intelligently against all your opponents.
Scar,Shotgun, Sniper,Tec-9 – Every weapon has its strengths, choose the right weapon for your character. Each card has a unique ability, use it wisely to win over all other players. Raise your score when you kill enemies and get a flag that unlocks cards. Destroy every enemy, pass every level and go to new heights.

Controls :

WASD to move. Mouse to shoot. Space to jump. See more in game.