We’re Impostors: Kill Together Game

We’re Impostors: Kill Together Information


You are a fan of red and blue stickman, you want to be an impostor. Are you ready for the coolest mission in We’re Imposters : Kill Together? Specifically, you will become two Impostors: Red Impostor and Blue Impostor. Your mission is to kill the enemy, rescue teammates from that organization and come home safe.

As the most infamous impostors around, you are sent for a mission that will last for many stages. At each stage, you will face a new kind of difficulty that you should overcome. Whether it is the time limit or the guards running around, you need to work in a coordinated manner with your partner. You two can knock out different targets and are mostly damaged by different hazards. So, always keep an eye on which character is moving and try to eliminate all the headcounts given to you at each round. With each successful mission you complete, you will be collecting money. Be sure that you use that money to unlock some of the many very cool skins. They are all perfectly designed for you and your partner! Now, let’s see how well you two will perform and how many levels you can pass!

Controls :

You can use the WASD keys to move the characters and the CTRL key to switch from one character to the other.